Step by Step Guide: How to Move Your Apartment

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We all know that moving into a new apartment can be as stressful as moving into the house. It may also stir many emotions all at once. You may feel excitement for the new place you are moving to, but also sadness for leaving behind your old place and all of the memories you made there. When it comes to moving to or from an apartment, the tiny spaces are often hard to navigate. You will need to find apartment movers near you that will be able to coordinate your move.

Hiring Reliable Apartment Movers Nearby is Vital For A Successful Move

Without years of experience, as Long Beach professional movers have, you can easily find yourself denting the walls or scratching your furniture. You have to somehow pack up all of your life, get it to a different location and unpack it over there. It can be hard to know where to start and it is easy to forget something. The more tricks you have up your sleeve, the more efficient your move will be. So, when it comes to apartment moving, efficiency is key to success and sanity, the same as hiring apartment movers near you

Moving boxes in the apartment

Long Beach Movers Has An Impeccable Track Record in Apartment Moving

Though there are plenty of apartment movers near you from which you can choose, Long Beach apartment movers believe that every customer deserves the red-carpet treatment regardless of their moving circumstances. Loft, studio, condo, and apartment moves are Movers Long Beach’s specialty!

We have been on the front lines of the apartment boom and take pride in our expertise in these types of moves. We can help you with all the details about your relocation, answer all of your questions, and ensure that your move goes smoothly from the get-go. 

How to Start The Moving Process with Long Beach Movers

Starting from your initial phone call to us up until we’ve unpacked everything in your new home, we’ll be there every step of the way! Whether you’re living on your own for the first time or just switching neighborhoods, moving into a new apartment isn’t as simple as someone may think.

Of course, to avoid potential problems in the future, there are several steps you need to take when moving into a new apartment. As professional apartment movers near you, we will try to list the most important ones. Let’s begin!

Local movers packing boxes

Plan Your Apartment Move in Advance

The first thing you need to remember when making an apartment move you should start as early as possible. Even if you’re moving down the street from your current place, moving is a lot of effort according to our local movers. Time flies by when you’re preparing for a move when you have work and family responsibilities. 

By getting started as early as possible, even a few months before the move, you’ll have a less stressful time when the official moving date rolls around. 

Double Check Your Lease

Once you’ve decided to move, please be sure to re-read your lease. Follow the proper procedure for notifying your landlord of your move. Landlords generally require written notice 30 days or 60 days before your move. If you don’t follow the proper procedure, you may end up paying an extra month’s rent. Besides, read any sections of the lease regarding the return of your security deposit, how damages are handled, and optional or required cleaning fees.

Don’t Wait Around to Hire Your Apartment Movers Near You

Choose a date on time, and hire apartment movers in advance. Weekend moves are the way to go. But, weekends don’t always align with the first of the month when leases usually begin, so coordinate move-in and move-out dates with both landlords (old and new ones).

Try to move a few days before or after the first of the month. Be aware that residential movers are more expensive on weekends, so if you can, move on the weekday, that way you will save some money on your Long Beach apartment movers.

Calendar for planning your apartment move

Decide How You Will Be Moving – On Your Own or With Apartment Movers

Deciding between a DIY move and hiring professional movers is not always an easy task, but it’s something you need to decide on. And it should be done as soon as possible. If you plan on moving without the help of apartment movers near you, you’ll save some money but it’ll take longer and be more frustrating.

Ideally, enlist the help of friends or family to aid you because moving furniture can be difficult and impossible solo. It’s also a good idea to have somebody watching the van while you carry out boxes. You wouldn’t want any of your stuff to get stolen during the relocation process. 

A Reward is Always Great Motivation When Moving

It might also be a good idea to find a way to motivate those helping you, friends, or local movers – pizza, beer, and cookies are common options. So, if you do decide to go with a DIY move, make sure you get a few helpers on the hook for moving day. 

DIY Moving: Don’t Forget to Rent a Truck

You’ll also want to consider renting a truck, as well as any other equipment you might need (hand truck, packing quilts, etc.). From there, you’ll have to consider how you’ll transport your things. On the other hand, if you decide to hire Long Beach apartment movers, they will take care of the entire moving process. It’s maybe more expensive but it’s definitely worth it!

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Declutter Your Apartment Before Your Movers Arrive

This is one of those apartment moving tips from our local movers that practically goes without saying: if you have fewer belongings, your move will be a whole lot easier and cheaper. According to our Long Beach apartment movers, now is the perfect time to reassess your inventory and get rid of everything you don’t need. That way, you’ll have less to move when the big day comes, so you will pay your professional movers less.

How to Start? 

Start by doing a major declutter of your home. If you’re having trouble, check out some decluttering advice online and start tackling the project well in advance. Throw away any garbage, receipts, mail, and anything else that you don’t need to take over to your new place. 

What’s Next?

Next, start evaluating large items, such as furniture and electronics. Is it time to upgrade anything? How often do you use it? Sell anything you can, donate what you can’t sell, and be sure you’re paring your belongings down to the bare essentials. You’ll be thanking yourself when moving days arrive.

Woman and man holding donation box

Remember to Purchase Moving and Packing Supplies

Don’t think that even a small apartment move doesn’t require a lot of supplies to get the job done. People who have never moved before or haven’t moved in years tend to underestimate the number of items they’ll need for the move before they begin. 

Luckily our Long Beach apartment movers are here to help you. 

You must be aware that everything in the space must be moved. This includes the larger and more obvious things such as chairs and a dining room table. It also includes smaller items that might be forgotten about until the last minute like silverware and your collection of music boxes. 

What Kinds of Supplies Will You Need?

It is crucial to have enough moving supplies on hand before doing anything else. A large variety of boxes in varied sizes is a good start. In addition, all those planning a move should have tape, scissors, and packing materials as well as a means of identifying what’s in each box as it is moved.

Set aside some space for a few meals before you leave so you’re not taking out those dishes last minute. On the other hand, if you are hiring Long Beach apartment movers near you, they will take care of everything, no need for you to buy any of these supplies.

Moving supplies

Don’t Pack Hard – Pack Smart

Packing is the most daunting, most dreaded chore. It’s also the most overwhelming, the most intimidating. So take baby steps. If you have time to plan, the more time you allow to get your packing done, the better. The worst thing you could do is to save it all for the last minute. 

The key to making your move go smoothly is to start packing as early as possible. If you don’t want to hire packers and movers for the packing process, don’t simply throw your things randomly into boxes and just start moving. Pack smart. When you do your prep work and organize, you can ensure that the process will be less stressful.

Start With Less Important Items

You should start with items that you don’t need day-to-day, such as decorations, sentimental belongings, books and movies, and wall art. You can also pack clothes and dishware that you won’t need before your move. Next, organize the last-minute belongings so you can swiftly pack them closer to the move date. 

Furniture Disassembly

Be sure to disassemble any furniture ahead of time to make the moving day easier. But be aware that is not an easy task, professional apartment movers near you have been doing that for years and they would all say that is the most difficult part of the relocation. 

Label Your Boxes

Labeling boxes is also very important for the packing process. As you pack boxes, label two sides of each box so you can easily identify what’s in each box. This will also ensure you can read the labels even if boxes are stacked on top of each other.

Labeled moving boxes

Finally – Hire Movers Long Beach

As we have already mentioned, it’s important to plan your move ahead of time. It is just impossible to do the whole thing in one day, except you decide to hire local movers. Of course, we always recommend exactly that – hiring professional apartment movers to aid you in your move and to help you both pack and move. Professional movers know how to pack your belongings safely, how to organize your boxes methodically to make unpacking seamless, and how to transport your packed goods safely. 

The experience of Long Beach apartment movers will make your moving experience much more manageable. 

How to Properly Hire Apartment Movers Near You

As we have already mentioned above, you should hire local movers about a month in advance of your move. Before booking professional movers, read online reviews to make sure you’re hiring a reputable company. 

The Price You Can Expect For Your Apartment Move

If you’re trying to stay on a tight budget, make sure to call multiple apartment movers to ensure you get the best price. For local moves, residential movers charge by the hour. Expect to pay around $100 to $200 an hour for both apartment movers and a truck. If you are packing by yourself, make sure to have everything packed before the apartment movers arrive so you don’t end up paying for extra hours. In that case, they are responsible for loading and unloading but you are doing the packing process by yourself. Or you can hire apartment movers just for packing and use your own transportation. 

Get in Touch With Our Relocation Specialists

There are a lot of choices when hiring Long Beach apartment movers, and it’s up to you to choose the right one! So, if you’re overwhelmed by the move and willing to shell out a bit more money, call Long Beach apartment movers and get your free moving quote today!

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