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Moving a business shouldn’t be just about everyone's business. Commercial moving should be treated lightly, in order to ensure the most successful outcome of all. The main goal of commercial moving is to make it comfortable for the client and their business, ensuring no time is wasted and that business is up and running again as soon as possible.

This is a possibility with some commercial movers Long Beach, but with Movers Long Beach - it’s a guarantee!

We will customize our services according to your business moving needs and make sure you are completely satisfied with the level of service provided to you on the day of the move. If you’ve wondered what that process looks like, make sure to keep reading.

Moving Your Business With Movers Long Beach

Details of the move & getting a quote

For commercial moving, we require a lot of information regarding the move in order to provide you with the smoothest possible experience. To complete your move seamlessly, we need to have all relevant information regarding the size and volume of your move. What is the elevator situation in your new location? Are both locations accessible? Do any of your items require special tools for assembly?


We handle the logistics - You confirm the move

We will take the time and effort to create a detailed moving plan for your upcoming commercial relocation. What goes first onto the truck? What is most important and needs to go last? Usually, your IT supplies should go last so it can be the first thing you start setting up at your new location. We will make sure everything is planned in advance according to your inventory list for the move.


About 24-48 hours prior to your move, we will contact you to confirm your reservation with us.

Guaranteed Arrival

Our office movers will arrive in the guaranteed arrival window provided to you, meaning that there is no room for any error. The schedules of everyone involved should be respected at all times, so expect our office movers not a minute late on the day of the move. Our foreman will conduct a walkthrough and provide you with a time estimate for the move. The clock will start and our office movers will start working.


Seamless Experience

Finishing the move in a record amount of time is something we take a lot of pride in at Movers Long Beach. Thousands of businesses’ are happy to name our company as their trusted moving services. Planning your upcoming office move to fit your needs and budget is what we do best.


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Everything is Included in Our Rates!

We include everything you could possibly need for a successful office relocation in our moving rates. We are the office moving company everyone relies on when moving gets tough. What to expect from Movers Long Beach?

  • The service of disassembly and reassembly
  • A crew of professional, trained movers
  • Clean, serviced moving truck
  • Shrink wrap and moving blankets
  • Tools and moving dollies

The best part? We have no additional or hidden fees. This means that we have one rate that fits all costs and you won’t have to worry about overspending on the day of the move. You will know exactly how much you will be paying.

Don’t Have Time To Pack?

When you don’t have time to pack up and business may be booming, you might need the help of professional packers to help you get through the process of relocating your office. We provide professional office packing services free of charge, but do require an extra pair of hands on the job than initially quoted. Packing is NOT charged as an additional service.

You can choose whether you will purchase the packing supplies from Movers Long Beach or a third party and have our office movers pack everything up upon their arrival.

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