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Gun Safe Movers

Most companies avoid to move them, but your safe is safe with us.


If you are planning to move your safe, or your entire home that also includes a safe, you are most likely running into companies that aren’t moving them at all. Thankfully, Movers Long Beach are your favorite local gun safe movers, and when you need our help - we show up with a plan. Gun safe movers near you might be tough to come around, but with the right moving crew by your side, you can ensure a safe move for your safe and your home, too.

We are the gun safe movers in your area that care, that provide ultimate protection for your valuables and always take the matter into their own hands.

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Trained, Professional Gun Safe Movers

Our movers are trained, professional gun safe movers in Long Beach that will dedicate time and effort into moving your heavy items with extreme care and caution.

At the moment, our weight limit for a single item is 450lbs.

We also require your safe to be completely emptied before handling.

We provide our movers with the necessary training needed to safely handle even the heaviest of items successfully without the risk of getting injured. They train in our home, so they can excel in yours. Every, single, time.

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Customize Your Packing Service!

When we move your home and your safe - your safe travels for free! We don’t have an additional charge for moving your safe in this case, and we will make sure it is provided with proper protection and care before being loaded onto the moving truck.

Our movers will bring special equipment designed to move your safe with absolute perfection - and the best part? It is all INCLUDED in our hourly rates!

All-Inclusive Hourly Rates

We include everything you need for a safe and successful move with Movers Long Beach. We are the local gun safe movers that bring everything needed to complete the move, from protective materials like shrink wrap and blankets, to special dollies and tools to complete your move in the blink of an eye.

We are the gun safe moving company nearby that sets new standards in the world of moving and shows others how clients should be treated. With absolute care and attention.

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Request a free moving quote from the best safe movers in Long Beach. Let us take your relocation in our own hands, come up with the perfect plan and execute it flawlessly. Join the dozens of thousands of residents of Long Beach that were provided with top notch moving services.

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