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Every move is a big deal, no matter if you are moving only your bedroom or a 5000 sqft corporation. Both projects are equally important and nerve wracking. Even when you might be moving closeby, you still need to handle the logistics of your upcoming move, what your goals are and how to get to the finish line.

We at Movers Long Beach take your move extremely seriously, and the logistics behind it even more. We will come up with the perfect plan for you that easily fits into your budget so you can have a completely easy local moving experience.

If your Google searches have included: “local movers near me” or “cheap movers near me”, you’re finally in the right place. Not only are we the best local movers Long Beach CA offers, but we offer a wide array of local moving services for you to choose from.

The Process of Moving With Movers Long Beach

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Our relocation specialists will provide you with all the details related to pricing, what we include in our services and what you can expect from our moving services. You will receive information regarding our deposit process, cancelation policy etc. and you can choose to schedule or think about the quote.


Make the reservation

We require a deposit to schedule the date and time just for you. Make sure to book your move at least 2-4 weeks in advance depending on the date you are looking to move on, to ensure we have availability on that date.


Confirm your move

You will confirm your move with our agents 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled move. We want to make sure everything is good to go and everyone is ready for the relocation.


Guaranteed arrival window

We offer a guaranteed arrival window, meaning that our local movers Long Beach CA are always punctual and respectful of your schedule. Our movers always arrive at the agreed upon time.


Walkthrough and starting the clock

Our foreman will conduct a walkthrough once they arrive and give you a final estimate for the exact time that will be needed to complete the move. After that, you will sign the contract and your move will officially start.


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All-Inclusive Rates

We offer all-inclusive rates, meaning that you don’t have to supply anything for the actual move. Our standard moving services include:

  • Moving truck
  • Unlimited shrink wrap
  • Moving blankets
  • Tools & moving dollies
  • Wardrobe boxes

We don’t have any additional charges for gas, mileage, long carry, heavy items, etc.

We will disassemble and reassemble your furniture to ensure efficient handling and loading, along with wrapping everything diligently and make sure your items are protected from damage or dirt during the entire moving process.

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