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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been planning to move for a long time or it just hit you unexpectedly that you have to pack your life and start from scratch in a new neighborhood, city, or even state, moving is always difficult and overwhelming. Not only that it brings a bunch of things that you have to deal with in order for everything to go smoothly, but you also have to emotionally prepare that you have to start over, find new favorite neighbors, places, and activities and say goodbye to everything you’ve known so far.

 Even for adults, this process is everything but easy and pleasant. It is a whole different level of difficulty when it comes to being a child. That is why parents need to be prepared and well-informed about all the ways they can help their children with the transition. Even though you handled the process of the relocation itself and you’ve scheduled your professional movers, there is a whole list of the things you can and you should do in order to prepare your kids to go through the whole process of moving as easy as possible.

As professional movers with a long history of relocations and thousands of people and children met during this whole time, we’ve really experienced all kinds of situations and witnessed many things. Some of them were just heart-breaking in the situations where things weren’t handled in the best way and kids were shocked and resistant to moving, and on the other hand, some were joyful and exciting with the kids who were well-prepared for everything that is going to happen through the relocation process. 

That is why, as professional movers, we really think that even though moving is a lot and it definitely brings a huge amount of stress and sadness, it can be handled in such a way that everybody feels at peace with it and can actually look forward to all the new adventures that are yet to come. Your local movers came up with a list of things you can do to make relocation easier for your children and hopefully let them experience the joy of the new beginning rather than the sorrow of saying goodbye.

Get help from professional movers

Seeking the assistance of professional movers is a step that we always recommend, but when it comes to moving with children we really consider this step a necessity. There is a long list of tasks you should handle for the moving day that you have to deal with by yourself, such as handling utilities, decluttering, preparing your new home, preparing your kids, and getting all the information needed about everything mentioned. One thing that you actually can get help with and that can determine the success of the whole process is a moving day itself. Having your belongings packed and moved by professional movers is the best decision you can make for your peace of mind and the well-being of your whole family.

 Of course, when choosing your local movers you should not just look for cheap movers, but you have to take into consideration their experience, capability, and approach. It’s never been easier to find local movers, you simply write “best movers near me” in your Google search box and you’ll get a list of hundreds of local movers who all claim to be both professional movers and cheap movers at the same time. Some of them definitely can provide you with both good price and high-quality service, but explore your options thoroughly and make sure that you’re really choosing reliable and trustworthy professional movers since those are the people that you should let into your home and who are supposed to take care of all your belongings and valuables.

Talk about moving sooner rather than later

As soon as you know for sure that you’re moving and that everything in your and your family’s lives is going to change, you should start a conversation with children and help them gradually adapt to all the things that are going to happen in the future period. Depending on whether you’re moving with toddlers, school kids, or teens, this conversation and the aspects you have to mostly focus on will be different, but no matter what age the children are, being honest and open from the beginning is the key to successful moving with children.

You don’t want to wait two days before your professional movers knock on your door to let your children know that they are supposed to leave their lives behind. The consequences could be very serious. Instead, talk to them months in advance, find out what are the things that scare them, and make them excited about moving.

Help them realize that moving doesn’t mean saying forever goodbye to everything they’ve known and that they’ll always be able to come back and see their friends, play in their favorite parks, and have ice-cream enjoying the summer day in a local coffee shop they adore. On the other hand, talk about things that are waiting for them in their new neighborhood or town, find out as much as you can about all the things and places in your new neighborhood that the kids will like and introduce it to them, let them really feel the excitement of unknown.

Read books about moving, draw maps of your current neighborhood and the new one and find similarities and differences, make memories while you are still in your old home and look forward to making more of them in your new home. This will all help children accept moving as a normal part of every person’s life. When the moving day comes and your professional movers arrive, they won’t be grieving and anxious, but ready for the process of relocation, and you’ll be able to relax and focus on making sure that you’ve handled final preparations well and your new life can begin.

Visit and organize your new home

Taking children to see and take part in organizing everything in your new home, as well as getting to know the new neighborhood and all the fun stuff they can do there also play a very important role if you are aiming for stress-free and successful moving. We are sure that you know that waiting for the day your local movers come for your children to see their new home for the first time is not the best idea. 

However, not only taking children to see the house before but letting them really get to know their new home and neighborhood, choose their rooms, and making them feel like they also participate in making this new house a good home for them can really make all the difference in the world. As professional movers, we’ve witnessed situations where children couldn’t wait to arrive at their new home because their rooms are already prepared the way they wanted, they already find the new parks nearby that they like and they got to know the way to their new school and can’t wait to meet new friends and experience new things.

Nothing makes parents more relieved and worry-free than knowing that their children feel peaceful and joyful about their lives and that is why paying attention to all the details before the moving day comes and professional movers take your stuff into the moving truck and on the road will really help you begin a new stage of your life on the right foot.

Choose your timing wisely

Choosing the right time for your relocation is also one of the things you should take into consideration when deciding to move. Not only will the right timing help you find cheap movers more easily, but it can also make a huge difference for your children. Depending on whether you want them not to miss school and have enough time to adapt to the new environment before going back to the classroom or you want them to hop right in and immediately get to know everyone and start making new connections, you should decide the time of the year that is best for your child.

Usually, moving in summer means that children can adapt gradually and have enough time to explore and make new friends around while moving during the school year is a bit more stressful for children but can also help them break the ice and adapt more quickly. Whatever option you decide to choose, make sure that your children are also at peace with it and you are not disrupting some of the activities they already have planned since that can be a big deal-breaker and can make everything a lot harder for all of you.

Prepare special “first-aid kit” together

Packing and decluttering before moving are possibly the most overwhelming, but also the most important things you should take care of. If you decide to get your belongings packed by professional movers, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble, but if you are packing by yourself, it will require a lot more time and energy. However, no matter which option you decide to choose, it is very important to have a special kit prepared for the moving day and the first few days after arrival. 

This is not only a very practical step that you shouldn’t miss along the way but also emotional insurance for you and your kids. When you are preparing your “first-aid kit” you should think of everything you’ll need during the moving day and the stuff that is most important and valuable for you and your kids. While you make sure that you pack food supplies, medicine, important documents, towels, and all the other necessities, let them have their favorite stuffed animals, blankets, books, or anything else they find precious in your “first-aid kit” as well. 

This will help them feel more at ease during the moving day and they’ll be happy knowing that their most valuable familiar things are by their side when they arrive in the unfamiliar. On the other hand, don’t forget to check with your local movers and find out what things your professional movers won’t move, so you also have a plan for moving them safely and in a timely manner. Having the moving “first-aid kit” prepared before your professional movers arrive will make both you and your children feel more peaceful and relaxed and it will help you avoid any unnecessary stress and discomfort.

Arrange a babysitter or any kind of help you might need on a moving day

When the moving day comes and your professional movers arrive at your doorstep, the last thing you want is your children running around and being at risk of getting injured. Not only that not having someone to help with the children can lead to damaging your belongings, taking longer time for local movers to pack and move and your expenses being bigger than expected, but it could also lead to serious accidents. That is why you should always plan the best way to take care of your children during the moving day.

Whether you decide to arrange a babysitter or seeking help from friends or family, make sure that there are people there whose only responsibility is to take care of kids and who can pay their complete attention to them. Even on regular days, you have to always be on alert when it comes to your children, not to mention something big like having so many people going around, carrying boxes and big pieces of furniture. Help both yourself and your professional movers by making sure that your loved ones are well taken care of and nothing can jeopardize their safety.

Plan different kinds of activities in your old home and the new one

Last but not least, make sure that the last weeks your children spend in their old whole, as well as the first weeks and months spent in the new home, are full of fun activities and things they can look forward to. Enjoying the time they have in their old neighborhood, making a few more memories, and saying a proper goodbye to everything they love will help them a lot with not carrying any emotional baggage to their new home. 

. Organizing a goodbye party for your friends and neighbors is also a great idea for closing one chapter and beginning the new one. On the other hand, making sure that children have something to be happy about considering their new home and they have a lot of fun things to do and places to visit will also make this whole process a lot less stressful and heart-breaking for all of you. Also, don’t forget to plan trips back to your old neighborhood in the first few months, so the children don’t feel detached from everything they find familiar. This is a great way to begin your new life together.

Moving itself is one of the most challenging events in your life, but having the responsibility of making sure your kids feel and do well is a whole different kind of hard pill to swallow. Being both parents and professional movers, we know the struggle, but we also know the ways to avoid it.

 We hope that our tips helped you and if you have anything to add to this list, feel free to get in touch and share your ideas with us! If you are looking for professional movers or have any kind of question or concern regarding your future relocation, don’t hesitate to give us a call and learn everything you need to know. Movers Long Beach are waiting for your call.

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