Your moving day is approaching and you are considering moving by yourself? Let us give you a few tips why you should think twice and hire a professional moving company. Moving companies can do everything needed for your move – packing your boxes, transporting items from point A to point B, placing big items where they should be in your new home. First thing that comes to your mind is the price. Hiring a moving company is not cheap, but if you find the company that can offer you an all-inclusive price, it might even be cheaper than renting the truck and moving everything by yourself. Before you make your final decision, let us point some good sides of hiring the moving company for the local move.

1. No heavy lifting

man lifting heavy boxThis is probably reason number 1 why would anyone consider hiring the moving company. Moving is not an easy job, just imagine every piece of furniture that you own in your current home. That all needs to be taken care of, so you will have to have someone to help you with carrying it to the moving truck or pod and then unloading it on a new location. A little bit more carrying… And this continues until you move everything.Between the bending, stretching and heavy lifting, there’s a chance of pulling a muscle or hurting your back. Lifting something incorrectly could result in a painful moving experience. Even with the help of a dolly, it will still be a very long and (potentially) painful process.

2. Time efficiency

clockLocal moves might seem like a piece of cake when you are looking at professionals performing it. But, let’s be real. You will need a lot of time to pack all of your belongings in the boxes, to make sure your bigger furniture is well protected during the transport etc. Also, you should be aware that professionally trained movers are definitely going to save you some time because for them, moving is something they do for living. Professional movers have the manpower and the expertise to ensure each move is maximized and well organized.

3. Experience & safety

safety firstMoving companies have trained professionals that know how to disassemble and reassemble every piece of furniture that you possess. They will make sure your furniture is wrapped and padded during the move, so nothing gets damaged during the process. Professional movers have specialized moving equipment, tools, blankets, plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes, tape, packing paper, dollies etc. Considering all of this, your items will be way safer in their hands. If you ask a friend to help you with the move and he breaks your TV, it would be awkward to ask for reimbursement. By hiring a local moving company, you can be sure you will get reliable service. Cost of the move is important, but it is more important to move your family and your belongings to your new home safely.

4. Full service packing

professional movers long beachPacking is probably the most annoying task when you have to move. Good thing is that your local movers can offer you a full pack service. If you decide to schedule a full pack service, the only task you will have on your moving day is to open the door for the movers and they will take care of everything else for you. It is going to be a bit pricier, but you will save a lot of time (and nerves). Moving companies will make sure that all of your miscellaneous items are safely packed and moved, they will use quality packing material and the best part is that you won’t have to lift your finger. However, if you are on the budget (like most of us when it comes to moving), you can always go with standard service offered by moving companies. This means that you should do packing by yourself and professional movers will take care of everything else for you.

5. Planning & Organizing

planning and organizingIf you ever moved so far, you are aware how much planning and organizing is needed to successfully and stress-free perform the move. Moving is not just packing items in the boxes and taking them to your new location, it’s much more than that if you want to relocate your belongings in one piece. If you are moving by yourself, you will have to organize your friends or family who can assist you. Which means that you will have to find the date and time that will work for all of you. Already sounds impossible?Renting a truck or trailer will make your DIY move much easier, so you should fit them to your schedule as well. Before packing, make sure you have the best and quality boxes and supplies. Make sure to buy moving blankets and a ton of plastic wrap. And this is just the beginning. You will have to make an inventory of your house, organize how and when to pack, plan how to pack your moving truck with items so you can actually move everything in one trip It might seem like you have control over your move if moving by yourself, but that is true only if you are well prepared and perfectly organized. By hiring a moving company, you can skip all of these steps and go straight to packing and let professionals take care of everything else.

6. Insurance

insuranceProfessional moving companies are required to offer basic coverage insurance to all of their customers. You won’t get a full replacement, but it’s good to know that your items are covered in case of damage or loss. Bear in mind, they are professionals, so the chance that something bad will happen is low, but still possible. Purchasing additional insurance is always an option.

7. Have a piece of mind

Have a piece of mindHiring a moving company will save you time needed to navigate all the details pertaining to your move. Professionals have the skills and expertise to ensure you have an easy, stress-free and smooth move. They will be at your current location on the scheduled moving date, in the given time frame, so you don’t have to be frustrated because your friends are stuck in traffic and will be late. No planning, no organizing, no heavy lifting – all you have to do is make a call and pick the perfect date.If you still want to move by yourself, make sure to do your research so you can avoid all potential hidden costs that might appear. But, if we convince you that you should hire professional movers – make sure to find the reliable and accountable movers, so again, do your research. Don’t hesitate to call local moving companies, all of them can provide you with a free moving quote and after that you can make your final decision.