How to Create A Moving Checklist

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One of the key parts of your move is a moving checklist, and your top notch movers will probably stand by that, too. What this actually is, is a list of things you need to do before the move happens, and a list of your household items that you will be moving.

Let’s say that this checklist has two parts: a to-do list, and an inventory list. Both are equally important. Why it is crucial that you stay on track during the entire moving situation is because you don’t want it to turn into a chaotic event, lose some items along the way, or lose your peace of mind. 

Keeping everything simple, organized, and well planned is the way you will make sure your move is a success. What we at Movers Long Beach know best is how important it is to have a checklist by your side at all times so both you and your movers have an easy moving experience with no mistakes happening along the way. Let’s start with a simple to-do list.

To-Do List

Think about packing

Packing can have a lot of important components, like making a plan of action, packing supplies, and budget. You need to know exactly what will be needed, how much of it and how much it’s going to cost. When it comes to packing supplies, you can choose to purchase quality moving supplies online (they can get costly, but they are worth it), score some free supplies from neighbors, friends, or businesses around your area, or find more affordable supplies to use during your move. 

Some alternatives to boxes include bins, trash bags, plastic containers, suitcases, etc. Instead of using expensive materials like bubble wrap, you can opt for newspapers to pad your items or household items like blankets and bedding to kill two birds with one stone. 

Your top notch movers will have a much easier time helping you out if you’ve packed everything in an organized manner, saving you time and money during the move. 

Make sure to start planning the packing process at least a month in advance, while packing itself can start around 2-3 weeks before depending on how large of a home you have.

girl sitting next to packed boxes

Cleaning your new home

Your new home might need a little scrubbing before all that furniture is moved in, and what time would be better than the present? Before your top notch movers arrive to help you relocate, go to your new home if you have the keys and clean it while it is still empty. It will make it much easier instead of cleaning after all the large pieces of furniture have been moved in.

Shutting down and setting up utilities

A lot of people tend to forget how important it is to call your service provider and shut down your utilities before your move, and set them up in your new home. You don’t want to be paying someone else’s bills and vice versa. Make sure to put this on your to-do list so it doesn’t get lost.

The food situation

Make sure to stop buying new food at least a week before your moving date. Eat the rest of your food and if you do happen to have some leftovers, either move them to your new home in a cooler or donate the food to one of the many available organizations around town. It can be a small act for you that can mean everything to someone else. Always think about others, too.

Trash, sell, donate

Another situation where you can choose to donate some items is decluttering your home. This is very important because, why would you pay for your movers to move items you have no interest in using ever again? Create three piles: trash, sell and donate for the items you will no longer be keeping.

Make a garage sale or sell items online to gather some money for your move, donate them to an organization if they are still in good condition, or throw them out of no one will have use of them again. Your LA movers will have less to move, and you will be paying less, too.

donation box


Labels get their own category since they can be an extremely helpful part of your move. The better you label your boxes and bins, the easier your move will be. Not only that, but you will have an easier time unpacking everything once you’ve settled in.

Hire movers

Hiring movers in Los Angeles means you need to find the best “movers near me”. A quick Google search should help out with that. Make sure to make a reservation with your moving company at least 3 weeks prior, and if you are looking to move in the summertime, try calling a month in advance. LA movers get booked quickly during the moving season.

Plan the parking situation

Your professional movers will need a specific parking space, otherwise, you will be the one paying for the ticket if they get one. Make sure to plan the situation ahead and figure out the parking situation before your LA movers arrive so everything goes smoothly. Remember, the closer they can park, the less it will take, making it a less expensive move for you too.

mover checking inventory list

Plan your inventory

Your inventory list is extremely important, as we’ve already mentioned. It should be detailed, to the point and have all of your items listed so nothing gets lost during the move. Now we can move on to…

Inventory List Tips

Go room by room

No matter how much you may think categorizing your items differently might be easier – it won’t be. Listing everything room by room will make it much easier to keep track of all of your items from start to finish with no exceptions. Having an inventory in hand on the day of the move means that you can check items on and off the truck at both locations, as well as during unpacking. If anything happens to be missing, you will know to contact your LA movers immediately.

Number your boxes

Have your boxes numbered and listed in your inventory along with a brief description of the contents, so you can again, keep track of everything during the move and have a much easier time unpacking. You will know exactly where your items are so you don’t have to dig through dozens of boxes to find your pillow for example. You will know where it is based on your inventory list. 

Color your boxes

Labeling everything by color can also help categorize different box types. Electronics, fragile items, and antiques for example can be three different colors, so your movers know exactly which boxes to keep an extra eye on. They also need to know which boxes contain fragile contents in order to place them onto the truck accordingly, too, so keep that in mind while packing.

box with fragile contents

Take photos and/or videos

Make sure to snap some photos of your electronics like your TV. Taking a photo of the back, for example, can help you hook everything up once you’ve settled in your new home without having to look for tutorials online.

Taking a photo of the front of your TV is important so you have evidence of its state before the move. In case something happens to it, you can open a claim to receive compensation for your item. Any other complicated items that need to be reassembled should be photographed beforehand, again, for easy set up at the destination. Use the technology we have today to your advantage.

Don’t forget the essentials

Label a few boxes that will show you that those are your moving essentials. Some items you will need the second you are settled into your new home, so keep that in mind while packing. Your toothbrush, medication, toilet paper, and charger are probably the first things you will be reaching for as soon as you have moved in. Make sure not to pack them with the rest of your items. Your top notch movers will also know to load those items last, so they can be the first thing you can grab once they move it off the truck.

man and woman checking boxes

Make copies of your list

Make sure to have at least 3 copies of your list before the day of the move. One for you, one for your movers, and one just in case. The more the merrier! Make sure to follow the list at all times so you can keep track of your items and not lose them during the moving process.

Get accurate quotes with your list

If you’ve made a list before hiring movers in Los Angeles, you will get more accurate quotes with it. Send your list to different companies so they can give you a proper quote and a clearer time estimate than they could give you without it. An inventory can be a lifesaver!

man and woman creating a list

Now that you know exactly what to do before your move, and how to do it, it can be much easier for you. Moving doesn’t have to be hard and stressful, it can be a pleasant experience with little effort and the perfect top notch movers by your side at all times. What you should be looking for are reliable LA movers that you can trust, movers that will make your entire move stress-free, easy and enjoyable. If you are looking for the best movers in Los Angeles, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Hire top notch movers in Los Angeles

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You can even send us an email and we will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours. Let us know about YOUR inventory list and how soon your move is so we can start planning it in detail. We know how to move you while you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful when you have Movers Long Beach by your side. Call us for a quote!

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