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Choosing a Moving Date: Full Guide

You will have to move this year, so you already started googling “Packers and movers near me”.Your timeline is flexible, but your budget is tight. How can you find the best cheap movers Los Angeles has to offer? Well, it’s good that your moving date is not set in stone, because that question should have started with when

Your moving date will greatly affect your moving expenses. How can you choose the best date to reserve your affordable movers? Read ahead to find out.

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Before you hire cheap movers in Los Angeles, think about the following:

Before we get to when is the best time to hire movers, we should discuss when is the best time for you to move. There are a few important things that shouldn’t be forgotten when you start thinking of moving.

Lease terms

A lease is a binding contract between you and your landlord. If you are renting your place and didn’t carefully read your lease terms when you moved in, this is the right time to do so. Besides monthly rents, pet rules, parking lot access, there should be something about how long you will be renting the place and what happens if you want to leave early and terminate the lease.

You agreed to rent this place for a certain time, but now you have to leave a few months before, if it’s written in your lease terms, your landlord can legally make you buy out your lease. This means you’ll have to pay your rent for those leftover months even if you won’t be there anymore.

Don’t forget about the security deposit. This is a certain sum of money you give to your landlord when you move in and a fund they will use to repair any damages you caused during your stay. Usually the full or the most part of the security deposit is given back to tenants at the end of their stay. This sum can be added to your moving budget, so you can hire the best professional movers you can find.

Try to adapt your move out date to your lease expiration date and if that is not possible, let’s hope your landlord is a reasonable human being and is open to compromises. 

Read your lease term before signing

Work schedule

One of the reasons you should start planning your move early is your job. Coordinating these two timelines can be hard, but not impossible. 

If you plan to move locally, there shouldn’t be any big problems. Your professional packers and movers can finish everything in a day or two. With the full service you just need to be home when the actual move will be happening, so taking a day or two off will be enough.

If you hired local movers to just partially help you, or you plan to do everything yourself, you need to start on time. Start packing a few weeks before, little by little, before and after your work, so when the time comes you’ll just need to take two or three days off to perform the actual moving process.

If you are moving to another city because of your new job there, the finish date of your old and the start date of your new one will dictate your moving time. If it’s possible, try to coordinate everything so that when you move, you have a few free days before the actual work starts. You will need time to settle in, to deal with all the documents, and to just rest a little. 

If you need office or commercial movers, make sure to talk everything out with your relocation specialist. They can, with your help, make the perfect moving plan with little to no losses on your side. Did you know you can still work while your gentle movers are packing everything? Your money-making will stop for just a short moment.

We will make sure there are no losses on your side

School schedule

If you have kids at school, or you yourself are a student, coordinating everything with your school schedule should be one of the priorities. If you can’t find a way to adjust your move so that your exams and grades don’t suffer, it’s better to move during summer. 


Make sure you take care of all necessary repairs, both at your old and new place. 

  1. Before moving out

If you are renting, things that should be taken care of will depend on your lease terms and if you plan to sell your place it’s better if you leave it in perfect condition. Clean everything, replace broken things, remove any alterations if needed, etc.

  1. Before moving in

Major renovations like wall painting, floor changing, checking electricity and water supply are much easier if there are no furniture and personal items in the rooms.

Don’t forget to paint over that ugly stain on your wall


Now, when everything is ready on your side, it’s time to start searching for great quality, but cheap movers Los Angeles has for you. One thing great about Long Beach is the weather. It’s hot and sunny all year long.

Local move

If you plan to hire local movers in Long Beach, one thing you don’t have to consider is the weather. There won’t be any snowstorms or heavy rains to avoid. You can search and hire professional movers all year long without any problems. Did you know that the average annual precipitation is around 1.02 inches?

temerature troughout the year

Long distance move

On the other hand, if you are moving from or to another city or country, the weather is not something to neglect. The Long Beach part of the move is fine regarding the weather, but what about the other location? It is better to avoid snowy and rainy days. Your move can get delayed or prolonged and that is something you don’t want to hear. 

One thing about bad weather is that because people really do avoid moving during this time, finding cheap movers in Los Angeles is quite easier. You will have more chances for hiring movers at the exact time you want them. If you are moving by yourself the probability for your furniture to get damaged is higher because of frozen or wet roads, so be careful. If you are moving with top notch movers, don’t worry, everything damaged will be compensated. 

Don’t worry your belongings are in professional hands


Just like all other services, moving prices depend on the law of demand. The peak of the moving season starts from March and lasts all the way to the beginning of September. It is summer, the weather is good almost everywhere, school is over, so a lot of people choose this time to move. This means the average hourly charging rate can get pretty high compared to the rest of the year. 

If you can, avoid moving during this time. Instead, choose winter or late autumn. You will have much bigger chances of finding those professional but cheap movers Los Angeles has for you.

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The peak of the season

The peak of the moving season starts from March and lasts all the way to the beginning of September. Simply said during summer. Why do most people move during this time and why should you try to avoid it? Read ahead to find out.


  1. School is over
  2. The Weather is nice almost everywhere
  3. High demand for houses, so it’s easier to sell, even for a higher price
  4. It’s vacation time, so a lot of people choose to move then


  1. Higher prices due to higher demand
  2. Overbooked moving companies 
  3. Last minute movers and same day movers are almost impossible to find
  4. Higher chances of cancellation and delays 
  5. Possible heat strokes
  6. Seasonal workers

Some moving companies will hire seasonal workers who are not as trained and as professional as regular workers, so the chances of delays and mistakes happening are higher.

If you have no choice but to move during this period, make sure to book your pro movers as early as you can, so you don’t have to think about availability. 

It’s harder, but not impossible to move during the peak of the season

Off season

Moving during off season, from mid-September to March, has its perks. Especially if you live closer to Ecuador where most days are sunny and dry and snowstorms are nowhere to be seen. 


  1. Lower prices
  2. More available and time flexible moving companies
  3. Hiring same day movers is possible
  4. House prices and rents are lower


  1. School is still ongoing
  2. Frozen and slippery or wet roads can lead to accidents
  3. More major holidays during this time
Your relocation specialist will be just a phone call away throughout your entire move

Besides the moving seasons, when prices vary depending on the demand, here is when you can also find cheap movers Los Angeles has hidden from you. Even if you have no choice but to move during the peak of the season, don’t sweat, there are certain times when prices can go down.  

Cheapest month

You already know it’s cheaper to move during off season, but what month is the cheapest? The Slowest months for moving companies are December and early January. Crucially, due to an absence of work in the winter, they will be willing to dramatically reduce their fees.

percentage of moves per month

Cheapest week

Whether you choose November or July, there is still a way to save money. Even the highest hourly rate can get a little lower at certain times. Your answer is mid-month. Most people’s leases end and start on the first or last week of the month, thus the demand for moving services is on the rise at that time. If you can choose the second or third week of the month for hiring movers. Chances of finding more affordable movers are bigger.

Cheapest day

Yes, even the day of the week can affect your expenses. As you already figured out, if you want budget-friendly movers aim for a day most people avoid. Everyone usually moves on Fridays and Saturdays, thus your day of choice should be at the beginning of the week.

percentage of movers per day

Time of the day

Good news, early risers: the ideal time to get moving is in the morning. If you employ a professional moving company, they’ll want to arrive early in the morning, around 9 a.m. During the summer, early mornings offer cooler temperatures for the movers. It’s also a wise idea to get an early start if you’re moving solo. You’ll have more time to unpack and arrange everything.

In conclusion

Finding the ideal moving date depends on what your priorities are. Your job, school, lease or you just want affordable, but still professional movers who won’t damage your budget. Now you know what things you should pay attention to and when you will have the most luck in finding cheap movers Los Angeles can provide. 

If you have any more questions our friendly and professional relocation specialists are just a phone call away and of course, if you want to get a free quote you can always take a look at our website

Best of luck and stay safe.